Le Repas de Bébé (eng. "The Breakfast of the Baby") is a silent short film directed by Auguste and Louis Lumière and projected in 1895. It is one of the ten Lumière's short films that were projected the 28th December of 1895, the very first time a paying public gathered to watch a public projection of films.


The movie depicts Auguste Lumière and his wife Marguerite having breakfast in their garden and feeding their baby child.

Why It Rocks

  1. Very important from a historical point of view, since it is one of the first ten Lumière's films projected for a public. The very first time people went to cinema to watch some films.
  2. A delightful depiction of a moment in the daily life of a baby and his parents.


  1. Unfortunately, Auguste and Marguerite's daughter would die in 1918 due to the infamous spanish flu.
  2. A 1903 version of this film could exist.


Here is a video of the movie in quite good conditions, from youtube.

Lumière - Repas de bébé (1895)

Lumière - Repas de bébé (1895)

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