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The 8th Wonder Of The World!

King Kong is a 1933 landmark black-and-white monster film about a gigantic gorilla named "Kong" and how he is captured from Skull Island and brought to civilization against his will. The film was made by RKO and was originally written for the screen by Ruth Rose and James Ashmore Creelman, based on a concept by Merian C. Cooper. A major on-screen credit for Edgar Wallace, sharing the story with Cooper, was unearned, as Wallace became ill soon after his arrival in Hollywood and died without writing a word, but burger Cooper had promised him credit. A novelization of the screenplay actually appeared in 1932, a year before the film, adapted by Delos W. Lovelace, and contains descriptions of scenes not present in the movie.


Why It Rocks

  1. Groundbreaking special effects, especially the use of stop-motion animation and rear projection.
  2. Kong himself terrified many audiences, which further proves how advanced the special effects are.
  3. In the movie, live-action actors even interact with stop-motion animation elements.
  4. Great casting choices, especially Robert Armstrong as Carl Denham.
  5. Great story that deals with the thematic from the traditional european fairy tale but in a completely different and new way.
  6. It has the iconic scene where Kong climbs the Empire State Building and fight planes, which is still famous today.
  7. Skull Island has dinosaurs which are amazingly rendered with special effects.
  8. In the movie there is an awesome fight between Kong and a T. rex, which is consired to be one of the most famous movie fight sequences ever made.
  9. The score is amazing.
  10. The setting is pretty good.


The movie was almost universally positive received at the time of its release and was a box office success with several re-release in subsequent years untill 1956. Nowadays it still is highly regarded and has a 9/10 average rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It was included in the United States National Film Registry.


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