Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is a 2001 Nickelodeon film directed by John A. Davis. It was nominated for Best Animated Feature, but it lost to Shrek.

220px-Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius film

Why This Movie Rocks

  1. It started the Jimmy Neutron series.
  2. It's Nickelodeon's first computer-animated film.
  3. Great voice acting
  4. Strong humor
  5. Pretty good animation for 2001
  6. Creative plot
  7. Good message about parents
  8. Has more emotion than the series.
  9. Uses adult voices for children the right way.
  10. Has unique charm to everything
  11. The villains were cleverly presented as egg people.
  12. Catchy soundtrack.
  13. It's a throwback to the early 2000's.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. Almost all of the text is in the same font, which looks cheap.
  2. Some may find the characters ugly.

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