Incredibles 2 is a computer-animated superhero film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

Why It Rocks

Do not add spoilers to this page, as the movie was recently released.

  1. The movie still has a unique twist on superhero films, where it focuses more on what superheroes do as a normal family than just the action, lasers, and explosions.
  2. The animation is a major step up from the first film.
  3. The action scenes are once again excellent, exciting, and fast paced. What helps this more is the Wannabe Supers being introduced into the story, allowing for some memorable powers.
  4. It is more character focused, building on the already existing characters while adding new additions.
  5. Likable and relatable characters just like before, with the Parrs still being relatable as a normal family.
  6. The movie is still extremely funny with some great humor, especially with Helen and Bob switching roles allowing for some funny moments with Bob taking care of the kids.
  7. A fantastic soundtrack.
  8. We get to finally see the battle between the Incredibles and the Underminer at the beginning of the film, since it starts immediately after the events of the first film (And no, the video game Rise of the Underminer does not count).
  9. The idea of The Screenslaver is quite interesting.
  10. The villain's reveal is very surprising and dramatic.
  11. Even though Elastigirl is the main focus, we get to take a break from her so we can focus on Bob. 


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