Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is a 2017 American animated television film based on Craig Bartlett's Hey Arnold! TV series. The film unfortunately follows 2002's Hey Arnold!: The Movie and the two-part series finale "The Journal" (2002).

The film serves as either the definitive series finale or as a potential prelude of a new season. It answered questions left after the original run ended, including the whereabouts of Arnold's missing parents. The TV movie premiered on Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, and TeenNick on November 24, 2017 in the United States.

Why it Rocks

  1. The story itself is great.
  2. The animation is still as great as it is in the TV series and the 2002 movie.
  3. The scene where everybody tributes Arnold of all the kind, helpful and wonderful things he's done over the years was such a great moment. It recreates most of the past episodes the old show made.
  4. The characters themselves are in character like always in the series as well.
  5. After SUCH a long time of being lost media, it was finally released.
  6. The animation styles are fantastic.
  7. The ending is pretty fantastic.
  8. The music soundtrack is very enjoyable.
  9. Helga and Gerald helping Arnold is how Helga can do something nice to Arnold after La Sombra got everyone trapped in a prison that made everyone lose respect for Arnold after they thought he did this on purpose when La Sombra was an impostor of Eduardo.
  10. The character updates and changes are glorious.
  11. The voice acting and dialogue are really good.
  12. We got to understand more things about Arnold.
  13. Arnold’s confession to Helga was romantic and funny. It was very surprising that Arnold and Helga would share their first romantic kiss and Gerald sees it.
  14. It has some improvment over the 2002 film.

Bad Qualities

  1. La Sombra made everyone think Arnold trusted someone good in the past turning bad later on.
  2. Some characters being mad at Arnold for something he never meant to make everyone upset with him was kind of harsh.
  3. It failed in the TV ratings because either some fans could not make it or never had any time to watch it, even though, they were still positive reviews from fans, even when some fans watched the movie online.
  4. Nickelodeon ordered a good chunk of the script cut out for commercials.


The movie's reception was critically acclaimed with postive reviews as it was given a 7.5/10 on noting "the little, unexpected homages to what made Hey, Arnold! such a joy originally that mark the high points of The Jungle Movie." Common Sense Media gave it a 4/5 (also saying that most of the adults were evil allowing kids to be the heroes), and the movie was given a 3/5 on Den of Geek.