Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is a 2017 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team Guardians of the Galaxy, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the sequel to 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy and the fifteenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


1980s, Meredith Quill's lover Ego takes her to see a strange flower, which he claims one day will expand through the universe. Back in the present, the Guardians of the Galaxy, now a gang of mercenaries officially recognized by Xandar, are hired by the Sovereign race to protect their batteries from a giant monster. After they succeed, the Sovereign leader pays them by handing them over Nebula, who had tried to steal batteries as well. The guardians plan to deliver Nebula to Xandar where she can be imprisoned and claim the bounty, but on their way out they're attacked by the Sovereigns because Rocket stole some batteries. As they attempt to flee the attackers, the Guardians are suddenly saved by a strange ship but they crash-land into a nearby planet.

The ship that rescued them turns out to be owned by Ego, Star-Lord's father. Originally Ego had hired Yondu to deliver Peter to him after Meredith died but Yondu decided to keep Peter for himself, ever since Ego had been looking for him. After news spread about a human holding an Infinity Stone without dying back during the Xandar war, Ego immediately knew that had to be his son so he tracked the Guardian's moves to find him. Meanwhile, the Ravager's leader decides to exile Yondu because of his recently heroic actions and Yondu's crew begin to doubt his leadership. The Sovereign queen arrives and hires Yondu to capture the Guardians.

Ego invites Peter to his private planet. He, Gamora, and Drax decide to go while Rocket and Baby Groot stay behind to fix their ship and keep Nebula in check. On their way to Ego's planet, they meet Ego's maid Mantis. At the planet, Ego explains that he's actually a Celestial; an extremely powerful race of aliens that can live eternally, and in fact the Planet IS the real Ego. Ego's real form is a giant Brain like creature with matter-controlling powers, he had used those powers to build a shell for himself which continued to expand until it evolved into the planet. What they are talking to is a Physical Avatar, which Ego uses to interact with other species.

The Ravagers attack Rocket, Nebula tricks Groot into releasing her but she quickly betrays them. Yondu captures Rocket but reveals that he plans to help them escape the Sovereigns; at that point Taserface starts a moutiny against Yondu, and Nebula destroys Yondu's prosthetic Fin he used to control the Yaka Arrow. Yondu, Rocket, and Groot are taken prisoners. Nebula takes a ship and goes after Gamora.

Ego explains that long ago he used his physical avatar to explore other worlds and find lifeforms in the universe. In his travels he met Peter's mother and fell in love with her, however his avatar can't stay away from the planet for too long so he had to leave shortly before Peter's birth. He also reveals that Peter inherited Ego's Celestial powers thus he's also immortal; that's why he didn't suffocate in the vaccum of space and why he could hold the Infinity Stone. Peter is angry at Ego for never visiting him, but Ego begs for his forgiveness and tries to be his father.

After some practice, Peter begins to showcase some level of control over Ego's planet. Meanwhile Drax and Mantis begin to form a close friendship. Gamora on the other hand suspects something's fishy with Ego's planet after noticing Mantis is afraid of Ego. Suddenly she's attacked by Nebula. After a brief fight in a cavern, Nebula breaks down and admits all she wanted was to stop losing to her sister over and over and over. Gamora forgives Nebula and offers her to join the Guardians of the Galaxy. While trying to get out of the planet, the two find a giant pile of skeletons and realize Ego's dangerous. At the same time Ego offers Peter to show what his plans are for the two, much to Mantis' horror.

After learning that Ego has Peter, Yondu tells Rocket that the real reason he didn't deliver Peter to Ego was because he discovered Ego has offsprings with every species he encounters then kills the children if they don't show Celestial power and he couldn't let that happen to Peter. With the help of Groot and Kraglin, Yondu gets a new fin to reactivate the Yaka Arrow. Using it, Yondu kills the entire Ravager crew that betrayed him and gets a ship so he, Kraglin, Rocket, and Groot can go save Peter from Ego. During the escape Yondu and Rocket become close friends.

Ego tells Peter that he plans to expand his conciousness across the entire universe to conquer it, but he needs a second Celestial to do so, that's why he had so many offsprings, and he was the one who killed Peter's mother by implanting a cancer into her Brain. Enraged, Peter attacks Ego only to realize Ego's physical form can regenerate and begins to extract his Celestial power to activate the flowers he's been seeding all over the universe. At that moment Yondu's ship crashes into Ego, rescuing Peter and they reunite with the rest of the Guardians, Mantis, Yondu, and Nebula whom they reluctantly decide to trust. Mantis fears that even if they escape Ego will just go after them again, their only option is to destroy Ego's real form within the planet's core. Rocket remembers he still has the Sovereign batteries and he uses them to build a bomb powerful enough to destroy Ego.

The Guardians take the bomb into Ego's core, but Ego's control over the planet slows them down, his avatar appears to attack them, and the Sovereigns arrive still pissed off at the Guardians. In the middle of the battle Groot takes the bomb to the core, Mantis temporarily forces Ego to hibernate, and her, Yondu, and Nebula officially become members of the group. However Mantis is knocked unconcious allowing Ego to reawaken and try to kill them. Yondu calls Kraglin to bring the ship so they can escape after the bomb goes off while Peter keeps Ego distracted by using his own Celestial power to counter Ego. As the group reaches the ship, Yondu and Rocket realize Peter won't make it to the ship in time if he keeps fighting Ego.

Everyone else reaches the extraction ship only for them to realize Peter and Yondu haven't arrived yet. Gamora tries to go rescue them but Rocket stops her and forces the ship to leave. Back at the core, Ego desperately begs Peter to stop the bomb and says that if he dies, Peter will become mortal; to which simply responds with "What's wrong with that?". The bomb explodes, Ego dies, the planet collapses, and Yondu rescues Peter at the last second, however there's only one space suit for the two, which Yondu gives to Peter. Before dying, Yondu and Peter acknowledge their father-son relationship, and Yondu dies suffocated in the vaccum of space.

Sometime later, the Guardians hold a funeral for Yondu. Nebula is welcomed to the Guardians but she decides to leave and continue fighting Thanos, though she promises to join the group when the right time comes.

Why it Rocks

  1. Like the previous movie, it has great comedy and action.
  2. Awesome special effects.
  3. Cool sountrack.
  4. While mostly comedic, the movie still has intense and emotional moments.
  5. A strong theme over family bonds and parentage.
  6. The scene with Rocket and Taserface was hilarious.
  7. This version of Ego the Living Planet is one the most creative villlains the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come up with.
  8. Yondu's death was unexpected and emotional.
  9. Baby Groot is very cutely designed.


Everything GREAT About Guardians of The Galaxy Vol

Everything GREAT About Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2!