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Dracula is a 1931 horror film featuring Bela Lugosi as the most famous vampire of all time, Count Dracula. This movie would help start the Universal Monsters.


Dracula leaves his land of Transylvania for England to start a new feeding ground as well as find a new bride. Jonathon Harker and Van Helsing are the only two people that can stop him.

Why It Rocks

  1. Helped start the Universal monster series.
  2. Among one of the first horror talkies.
  3. Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Dracula was so good, it became the iconic look for Dracula.
  4. Dracula's hypnotic stare.
  5. Amazing acting.  
  6. There's no music, which only helps aid the creepy atmosphere.  
  7. Unlike most of the classic universal horror films, this one had no sequel, unless you count Dracula's Daughter, which doesn't revolve around Dracula. This movie stands alone.  
  8. There's a different version of the movie filmed with a Spanish speaking voice cast at the same time as the most famous version, but used the same script and the same sets.  Maybe people believe that one to be superior to the more famous version.  


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