Deadpool (2016) is a black-comedy superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name.


Former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, met and fell in love with a stripper named Vanessa. Shortly after he proposes marriage to her he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. One day while at his friend Weasel's bar, an agent offers Wade a cure for his cancer and the opportunity to become a superhero similar to the X-Men. Wade is dissmisive at first but eventually agrees after thinking about how Vanessa would take his death.

Wade goes to an underground organization requests that when be becomes a hero that his costume won't be green and that they don't saw his mouth shut. He quickly finds out from the leader Ajax that the organization takes terminally ill people, forcibily turns them into mutants, then sells them as slaves. Wade undergoes weeks of intense torture until he mutates, giving him regenerative healing powers but also becomes horribly scarred and ugly. One night Wade gets the chance to escape by lighting the building on fire and tries to kill Ajax, whose real name is revealed to be Francis, but he's defeated, mortally impaled, and left to die in the fire but not before Francis teases him that he can fix Wade's face. However, next Morning Wade finds out that his Healing powers are so fast and effective that he's basically immortal.

Despite escaping captivity, Wade can't bring himself to return to Vanessa due this ugly look and having gone missing for weeks. After talking to Weasel at the bar, he decides to become a vigilante and find Francis for revenge and to repair his looks, using the nickname "Captain Deadpool" though he quickly settles with just "Deadpool". Weasel suggests that Wade wears a mask to hide his ugliness. For the next two years Deadpool hunts down Francis' henchmen to find his location murdering any goons that stand on his way. During that time his vigilante activities call the X-Men's attention, who become interested in recruiting Deadpool, but whenever they try Deadpool tells them to *BLEEP* off.

Eventually Deadpool finds Francis and plans to attack him in the middle of a highway. Wade corners Francis but before he can get revenge he's interrupted by Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Their distraction allows Francis to escape much to Deadpool's fury. Deadpool tries to attack Colossus but breaks lots of his own bones and then chops off his own hand to escape the X-Men yet again. Ajax, now knowing that Deadpool is Wade Wilson, plans to kidnap Wade's girlfriend to lure him because that totally isn't the most generic evil plan of all time.

Weasel informs Deadpool that Vanessa was captured. Wade decides to ask Colossuss and Negasonic to help him in the mission; he offers to "join" the X-Men after all in exchange. At an airplane graveyard, Francis reveals that he put Vanessa in a suffocation torture chamber that Wade was subjected to before. Deadpool fights Ajax at the top of the rubber while Colossus and Negasonic fight Angel. Negasonic defeats Angel with a massive explosion, but that also causes the rubble to collapse over her, with Deadpool, Ajax, and Vanessa falling down as well. All three survive while Colossus rescues Negasonic and Angel.

Francisis is left powerless against Deadpool but he mockingly states that he was bluffing about fixing Wade's face. Enraged, Deadpool puts a gun at Francis' head when suddenly Colossus gives a speech about doing the right thing as a hero and sparing the enemy's life, but Deadpool shrugs it off and kills Francis anyways. Vanessa confronts Wade about the last two years he's been gone; Colossus leaves with Angel and Negasonic but also reminds Wade that he still has an interview with Professor Xavier pending.

Deadpool reluctantly shows Vanessa his ugly face and admits that the reason he was gone was so he could fix his face for her. Vanessa is startled at first but soon accepts Wade's apology, and the two reconcile.

In the post-credits scene, Deadpool (dressed up like Ferris Bueller) tells the audience that there are no spoilers to watch but assures them that Cable will show up in the sequel.

Why It Rocks

  1. Excellent and funny humor, along with the breaking the fourth walls just like the original Deadpool.
  2. The movie doesn't take itself seriously, is fully aware of its dumb premise, generic villain, and knows it's only meant to be comedic entertainment.
  3. Intentional cliches and tropes that work in the movie's favor and actually become funny. Even the opening credits mock the movie.
  4. Ryan Reynolds' performance as Deadpool is fantastic.
  5. Deadpool's iconic 4th wall breaking is done brilliantly.
  6. The movie mocks Reynolds' previous superhero performances. In particular, his first appearance as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which the character's mouth was sewn shut (You know, The Merc With a Mouth!). There's also several jabs at Reynolds' portrayal of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern.
  7. Awesome special-effects, including a fully-CGI Colossus.
  8. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is one of the toughest characters ever.
  9. Colossus' "do goody" personality constrasts Deadpool's irresponsibility very well and makes for some very funny interactions.
  10. Deadpool makes fun of the fact that Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are the only X-Men that appear in the movie.
  11. Awesome music by Tom Holkenborg.
  12. So much focus on the source material. Deadpool's adaptation from the comics was near perfect.
  13. A well-timed and well-choreographed battle between Deadpool against Ajax.
  14. Well-known X-Men characters like Deadpool, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Ajax.
  15. When Deadpool cuts his Hand off; he gives the Middle Finger, which is hilarious.


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