Coco is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. Based on an original idea by Lee Unkrich, it is directed by Unkrich and co-directed by Adrian Molina. The story follows a 12-year-old boy named Miguel Rivera who is accidentally transported to the land of the dead, where he seeks the help of his musician great-great-grandfather to return him to his family among the living.

Why It Rocks

  1. It very accurately depicts the Die de los Muertos holiday. It also includes many other aspects of Mexican culture and stays true to them, such as the Alejibres. In fact, many Hispanics helped write the movie, thus it gives a more accurate representation of Mexican culture rather than just assuming what it is.
  2. An emotional and touching plot with a really good moral about family, as well as realizing who you should look up to.
  3. Beautiful and detailed animation, especially when the setting shifts to the Land Of The Dead. The animation is also a major step-up from earlier things Pixar animated, such as Red's Dream and Tin Toy.
  4. Gorgeous color scheme that fits the mood of the movie.
  5. Great soundtrack. The song "Remember Me" is also very nice-sounding.
  6. Plenty of twists and turns.
  7. The revelation of Ernesto was quite surprising and dramatic.
  8. The characters are very likable most of the time and have beautiful designs.
  9. The fact that Dante is also an Alejibre is likely referencing how ancient Mexicans believed that real Xoloitzcuintlis were companions for them in the afterlife. This is another example of how the movie stays true to Mexican culture.
  10. The jokes are funny.

Bad Qualities

  1. The story does get a little easy to predict at times. For instance, Ernesto doesn't seem to believe Miguel is his great-great-grandson at first, showing how he isn't in Miguel's family, and when Miguel is leaving, Ernesto tells him "I hope you die real soon.. you know what I mean.", foreshadowing his connection to being a villain and a murderer.
  2. Miguel keeps saying that Ernesto De La Cruz is his great-great-grandfather as a running gag at some points in the movie, which could be annoying.
  3. The flashback scene showing how Hector was poisoned and killed by Ernesto was somewhat disturbing for its target audience.


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