• Thatstinkyguy

    I bet all of you guys have heard about the deletion of all the different wikis, including Awful Movies Wiki among many others. Because of this, we MUST take precautions on getting ready for a possible day when Fandom deletes this Wiki. We, each of us, need to Archive the pages by saving the source code to Word, Wordpad, Notepad, etc. as documents. Then, remake the pages on the possible future Miraheze page. Good luck!

    I have saved the following:

    A Goofy Movie
    Arthur’s Perfect Christmas
    Avengers Infinity War
    Cars 1 and 3
    Chicken Run
    Christopher Robin
    Deadpool 2
    Flushed Away
    Ice Age
    Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs
    Ice Age The Meltdown
    Incredibles 1 and 2
    Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Star Wars Episode IV
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Return of the Jedi
    Teen Titans …

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  • Matthewpowel

    Great Characters Wiki

    September 22, 2018 by Matthewpowel

    This is one of the smaller wikis that have moved to Miraheze, and I could really use some help growing it. Many people decide to grow the Miraheze Loathsome Characters Wiki rather than the Great Characters Wiki, which you can guess I'm not that okay with. Here's a link to the Great Characters Wiki. We really need your help.

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  • LoudHouseFan777


    September 22, 2018 by LoudHouseFan777

    Well, The Best TV Shows Wiki and The Awful Movies Wiki got shut down. This is the only wiki still standing! What to do now? Can someone tell me if the Atrocious YouTubers Wiki and the Abyssal Roblox Games Wiki got closed too?

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  • NeptuneID13

    On September 10th, I took some screenshots of pages that I created on the Best TV Shows wiki just in case the wiki got closed. Today I will be sharing screenshots and memories of the pages I made on my favorite reception wiki.

    Ready Jet Go! - this was the very first page I made on the wiki. I made it the day before Halloween, I think. I absolutely adore the show and I felt it deserved a page on the wiki so I made it. I'm so glad that a lot of other wiki users liked the show, especially the episode "My Fair Jet". In fact I was going to make a page for that episode but then, you know what happened.

    Victorious - I think I made this page on the same day that I made the RJG page, but I'm not sure. I was really surprised that the show wasn't on th…

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  • TherealMinecraftkid2349

    This is the last surviving wiki. FANDOM has destoryed all of our wikis but they can never destroy this wiki!!!!

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  • NeptuneID13


    September 20, 2018 by NeptuneID13

    Best TV Shows and Awful Movies were closed down :,(

    The latter didn't even have any politics on it to my knowledge.

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  • GuitarGod96

    R.I.P. Awful Movies Wiki

    September 20, 2018 by GuitarGod96

    I just learned that Awful Movies Wiki is offically closed. But don't worry, the site will be moving to Miraheze along with Crappy Games Wiki, Awesome Games Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Best TV Shows Wiki. I'm so sorry to see all these Wikis go, but it's better this way. 

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  • Dylan galaz

    Yet another wiki just got closed, Best tv shows wiki was also closed, Well guys time leave, This wiki is probably going to be closed.

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  • Masson Thief

    You may have heard of the closure of several of our wikis (Rotten Websites Wiki, Crappy Games Wiki, Terrible TV Shows Wiki and Awesome Games Wiki). FANDOM staff doesn't allow these type of wikis anymore because of pro-GamerGate pages and an overall feeling of negativity in them. For this reason we are moving to another wiki hosting service called Miraheze. Everyone is invited to create an account on the platform and join the wikis that are being exported there. Links:

    Rotten Websites Wikia

    Crappy Games Wikia

    Awesome Games Wikia

    Terrible TV Shows Wikia

    Atrocious Youtubers Wikia

    Loathsome Characters Wikia

    Other are under construction and the links will be posted here soon, hoping this wiki won't be closed down too. If that happens, contact me on th…

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  • Fa3455801

    Nothing seems certain anymore. You know precisely what I'm talking about. That painful feeling, when people start bitching and moaning and starting flame wars in a comment section just because a film they despised received positive reviews from critics and viewers in general, and start accusing the critics of being "bribed". It made me lose faith with the very concept of film criticism let alone talking about movies in general, and consequently - and genuinely - in humanity as well.

    Like with Crappy Games wiki, if you permanently block me, you're doing me a favor, since by doing so you will kill any and all temptations for me to try editing this wiki ever again.

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  • Grust

    Journey Through the Jungle of Words (renamed to Working With Words by ACME Crimenet after restoration) is a 1987 Golden Step Ahead educational video and was restored by ACME Crimenet in 2014.

    Since this is an educational video and probably not worth adding to the movie wikis or television wikis, I have decided to do the next best thing and give it a review. Also if you're wondering why I'm reviewing a 31 year old educational video, it's because this along with Good Housekeeping's Colors and Shapes are 2 such videos that stuck with me after childhood and both took me years to find again.

    Anyways, the story is about Olivia Ostrich and Groucho Barx (a reference to Groucho Marx and even has his mannerisms and quick wit) as they journey across the jun…

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  • Vannuysca


    August 8, 2018 by Vannuysca

    Hey admins, can one of you guys add a 'sorting type' category thing like the one on Awful Movies? .

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  • Porg009

    Jack the Giant Slayer

    August 3, 2018 by Porg009

    Jack the Giant Slayer is Bryan Singers' 2013 film about Jack rescuing Priness Isabelle a descendant of Erik the Great (Known as Erik the Terrible by the Giants due to his Crown) from the Giants of Gantua.

    Acting is brilliant including Bill Nighy as General Fallon, Stanley Tucci as Roderick, Ewan McGregor, Nicolas Hoult as Jack and John Kassir as General Fallon's small head or should i call him Fillon.

    CGI is great despite overuse.

    Film is great despite the Box office Flop.

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  • Mudkip57430Cool

    we need

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  • Jeff35155

    With the movie's high reception, it's likely it will be on this wiki instead of its opposite counterpart.   

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  • MiiFan2004


    July 14, 2018 by MiiFan2004

    On July 31, I will be leaving to go to a cabin. However, I will stay with my grandma on the day I leave and August 3rd. I will not be active on August 1st and August 2nd since there is no signal or no internet (at least the cabin we are going to has no internet).

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  • Vannuysca

    Best Music Wiki

    July 3, 2018 by Vannuysca

    There is this new wiki created by Jeff35155 that needs some more members and more love to expand it. Best Music is starting off really great, but it definietly could use some help, so check it out and submit today!

    Link: [[1]]

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  • Jeff35155

    Talented actors Wiki

    June 21, 2018 by Jeff35155

    I created a new Wiki called Talented actors Wiki. Where we talk about actors and voice actors that we love because of their awesome talents and characters they have played. Check it out!  

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  • MiiFan2004

    There were 5 movies yesterday (PPG Movie, Cat's Don't Dance, Batman Animated Movie, Superman Returns, and Blade Runner 2049) that kick started my new category, Box Office Bombs That Received Positive Feedback. Is there any movies that should be added to the category? Leave it in the comments below.

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  • Trevor807


    June 7, 2018 by Trevor807

    Yes, you saw correctly. IHOP is becoming IHOB. And no, it isn't a joke or a PR stunt. They're changing the name. Never thought they'd do it. What do you think? And what do you think the "B" stands for? For me, it's breakfast.

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  • Thatstinkyguy

    I’m here to spread news about the Underrated Films Wiki. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A wiki of underrated films. We need your help to expand, and get the site in working order. Thanks!

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  • Jeff35155

    There is this new wiki that needs some more members to expand it. Great characters wiki is truly starting off really great, and could use some help please.

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  • Jeff35155

    I really love the Spiderman franchise. I love the comics, the merchandise, the video games, and i especially love the movies. If i had to say who was the best Spiderman, i would say Tom Holland because he captured more of an awesome representation of Spiderman than Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. But if i had to choose who was better between Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, i would choose Andrew Garfield. Don't get me wrong. I like the Tobey Maguire Spiderman, but i prefer the Andrew Garfield.

    The reason i prefer Andrew Garfield is because even though he looks way too cool and attractive to capture the geeky and socially awkward Peter Parker, he nails it as Spiderman as he well captures the cocky and confident smartass of Spiderman fro…

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  • Jeff35155

    This is my list of some of the few movies i don't like that everyone else likes.

    1. Sausage Party
    2. Beauty and the Beast (2017)
    3. The Jungle Book (2016)
    4. Napoleon Dynamite  
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  • Thatstinkyguy
    • The Postman (1997): RT Audience Score: 49% (This is actually my favorite movie of all time, no joke)
    • Signs: RT Audience Score: 67%
    • The Passion of the Christ: RT Audience Score: 80%
    • UHF: RT Audience Score: 77%
    • Men in Black: RT Audience Score: 79%
    • Men in Black 3: RT Audience Score: 70%
    • I, Robot: RT Audience Score: 70%
    • I Am Legend: RT Audience Score: 68% (This one is underrated in my opinion; I Am Legend is an awesome movie!)
    • Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb: RT Audience Score: 94%
    • Dark City: RT Audience Score: 84%
    • Titan A.E.: RT Audience Score: 60%
    • The Bourne Supremacy: RT Audience Score: 90%
    • The Bourne Ultimatum: RT Audience Score: 91%
    • Mad Max (1979): RT Audience Score: 70%
    • The Road Warrior: RT Audience Score: 85%
    • Mad …
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  • SpaceProtagonist

    What if The Sound of Music (1965) was on the wiki?

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  • Wolfermellon


    March 18, 2018 by Wolfermellon

    I was thinking we could add a few more categories.

    Laika Films: Movies that were made by (or partially made by) Laika. We have almost every Laika movie on this wiki except for BoxTrolls and Corpse Bride (although that last one was only partially made by Laika) last I checked, but I've added the other ones made by Laika (Coraline, ParaNorman, Kubo and the Two Strings). I just haven't gotten around to the ones I mentioned earlier, but I'll try to add them as soon as possible. Corpse Bride could possibly be easy for me to do about now, but I'll probably have to see BoxTrolls again before I make its page. Anyway, the only other concern I have is if there's too few pages for this category. I heard that a category needs at least 10 pages that it …

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  • SpaceProtagonist

    Disney Movies

    March 4, 2018 by SpaceProtagonist

    It's weird that that there were several great Disney movies that either get deleted or haven't been added yet. I'm confused.

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  • Wolfermellon

    Category ideas

    March 3, 2018 by Wolfermellon

    Should we maybe make categories based off a film's MPAA rating?

    Here's what the categories would be:

    G-rated movies

    PG-rated movies

    PG-13 rated movies

    R-rated movies

    NC-17 movies (although I'm not sure if there are really any on this wiki?)

    Unrated movies 

    Tell me what you think of this idea, I'm not entirely sure how it'd work out but I think it'd be somewhat helpful.

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  • Vicious187
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  • Wolfermellon

    A movie I want to add

    February 15, 2018 by Wolfermellon

    A movie I'd like to add to this wiki is the 2005 film "Robots".

    It's one of my all-time favorites. However, I really hope it's not just out of personal taste - at the time it was released it got mixed reviews and its score on Rotten Tomatoes is about 64% last I checked. However, it is above 5/10 on Rotten Tomatoes, so technically I could add it. Should it be under the "Decent films" category?

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  • Optimus250
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  • Supersamus 2.0

    So, a big reason why people enjoy animated films is because they look good. Even though some movies can look good and be bad, like A Troll in Central Park. However, there is an exception. There are some animated films that look bad but are considered to be good. Here are the Top 10 best animated films with bad animation.

    10. Despicable Me (the first one)

    Now, some people might say that the first Despicable Me looks fine, but I hate how everything is rendered. It makes the animation look unappealingly childish. However, I cannot deny that this is actually a really good and heartwarming movie. The best of the trilogy in fact. The second one was good, and the animation in the second one looked a lot better, but it missed the charm of this one. …

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  • Trevor807

    Different History Wiki

    September 4, 2017 by Trevor807

    I recommend you go to the site below:

    A Different History Wiki

    It's a great wiki, and we got cool timelines. I'm also an admin/content moderator there too. Feel free to look!

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  • Masson Thief

    You may have noticed the small change in the Wiki Activity page. It is called "Auto-Refresh" and some of you may already know it because they saw it on other wikis. This feature will allow us to check the activity of the wiki without refreshing the page since this particular code refresh the page where it is activated every 60 seconds without the need to refresh the page in the browser.

    It will be useful if users who are causing continue vandal edits are on the wikia; but if you don't like it and you prefer the classic Wiki Activity, simpli uncheck the "Auto-refresh" box which is on top of the Wiki Activity itself and under the page's name.

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  • Masson Thief

    Okay, I think you all know now that thanks to the votation and to Cpend7 this wikia now requires everyone to login in order to edit and that it has many more admins then before.

    We made a few little changes which everyone must know about. First, the wiki activity module has been removed by the front page for design purposes. This obviously means that every user who was used to quickly check the activity simply by visiting the main page now can't. To replace this, you can change the preferences of the "landing page" (the page that first shows up in your browser when you visit this wikia) in your Wikia profile, I'll explain how.

    First step: move your mouse cursor on your wikia avatar next to this Wikia search bar. This will make a menu appear …

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  • Masson Thief


    August 11, 2017 by Masson Thief

    I am proud to announce to all of the users who care for this wikia that my little plan worked. Anonymous users are now blocked from editing. I want all of you to know that this happened so soon because Fandom staff was so kind to accept my request even if the standard time of one week wasn't reached yet.

    You may ask why staff decided to bend the rule a little for us. This is because of you who were so eagerly willing to vote; the staff member who was assigned to my request (that I sent only three days ago) saw that "the overwhelming majority clearly agrees with the proposal".

    I want to thank all of you for your dedication; most of all I want to thank you for having trusted a user who came out of nowhere (me) because for all you knew I just cou…

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  • EezyCheezy

    Alright, I thought I would make this guide since the anons are clogging up the wiki with shitty pages. So, this guide will teach you how to make a good page.

    The basic setup for pages is this:

    [Information about the movie]                                                                                    [Picture of the movie poster]

    [This section isn't required, but you can add if you want]

    [List reasons, make sure that you have more than one reason. Also, DO NOT list events from the movie as reasons. This is a trend that most anons are following. Also, don't add crap like It's made by Disney.

    [This section is for the bad qualities of the film. Only add this section if the film has bad qualities.]

    Recently, anons have added pages about bad movie…

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  • FlapjackStantz

    Here's a list of good movies that deserve to be added to this wiki:

    • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
    • Billy Madison
    • Beverly Hills Cop
    • Demolition Man
    • Dumb and Dumber
    • First Blood
    • Funny People
    • Get Carter (1971)
    • Happy Gilmore
    • Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
    • The Karate Kid (1984)
    • Planet of the Apes (1968)
    • Police Academy
    • RoboCop (1987)
    • Rocky II
    • Rocky III
    • Rocky Balboa
    • The Wedding Singer
    • The Wrestler (2008)
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