Arrival is a 2016 Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi film directed by Denis Villeneuve (known for Enemy, Sicario, and Prisoners), it is based on a short story in the novel "The Stories of Your Life) written by Ted Chiang and stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Forest Whitaker, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mark O'Brien and Tzi Ma. The movie was released on November 11, 2016, and was critically acclaimed by critics and audiences.


An expert linguist named Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is recruited by the military to try and decipher alien language. With the help of Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), they puzzle out what the aliens are trying to say to the humans, as they race against time and the people who want to declare total war upon the aliens.

Why it Rocks

  1. The atmospheric soundtrack.
  2. The aliens' language is very unique.
  3. Sad scenes.
  4. Beautiful CGI.
  5. Although this is not the first movie that did this, the story of an alien race who doesn't want to invade Earth but instead wants to communicate with the human race is refreshing.